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of c.i.a. chief david patraeus because of an extra marital affair is not the end of the story. cbs news has learned the other woman is paula broadwell, she wrote a biography of patraeus. cbs 5 reporter linda yi on what patraeus faces next. >> reporter: it was just over a year ago, his wife by his side, that one of america's most decorated four star generals took the oath of office at c.i.a. director. today, he resigned in disgrace. in a statement to c.i.a. employees, patraeus said, after being married for over 37 years, i showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair. the affair came to light during an f.b.i. investigation that started months ago. officials became concerned about what cbs news has learned were cryptic e-mails patraeus exchanged with his by graver paula broadwell. >> it's sad. >> cbs 5 military analyst retired colonel brendan kearney med broadwell earlier this year during her book tour. he said she was bright and articulate. >> she acknowledged she had been given unfettered access to him. >> does that seem suspicious to you, when you now think back
tomorrow. that starts at 7:30 a.m. here on cbs5. >>> new this morning a strong earthquake shook a southern island in the philippines today. it superb shored 6.9 and was centered on an island. so far no reports of any damage or injury. >>> today president obama is holding a meeting in person and by phone on recovery efforts following superstorm sandy. the governor of several states will take part along with members of the president's cabinet. the number of people killed in the northeast stands at 10, that includes 41 people in new york city alone. right now 2.7 million customers are without power across 15 states and the district of columbia. economic terms could reach $50 billion. one of the hardest hit areas is new york's staten island. good morning. >> and good morning to you. good to be with you. >> reporter: what a difference a morning makes. just in the last hour the energy in this neighborhood has been just completely transformed. you have volunteers coming in from all over the place trying to lend a hand and clean up the mess sandy left behind. here's an example a home has been turn
on cbs is sponsored by: >> [crowd noise]. >> verne: i wonder if that same moon is as visible over new york tonight? let's go back to the studio for this update with adam zucker. >> adam: the number 2 team in the bcs standings. john hubert of kansas state. 2 touchdowns to break open what was a tight game against oklahoma state. they lead by 17 now with under 9 to go in little manhattan. back to you, sir. >> verne: all right. 11:51 to go here. 1st and 10. lsu took the lead after a fumble recovery at the 10 yardline. that was a miss. >> gary: self-inflicted. >> verne: yes, and lsu hasn't turned the ball over. mettenberger hit 7 of his last 8 passes. that's a flag. >> gary: that's what they did in the championship game. jumping offside and making it first and 15. >> referee: number seven. 5 yards from the previous spot. sill first. -- still 1st down. >> gary: there you go. >> verne: my gracious! >> gary: number of plays. averaging 58 for the game. >> verne: the only other team that went above 300 yards against alabama? georgia southern. the first time it's happened since that game. copela
was jr ewing on the program that airs on cbs from 1978 to 1991 and that episode who shot jr in 1980 broke tv ratings. he died from complications from cancer yesterday. he was 81. >>> new video a gas explosion in new england. they will assess damage to other bullyings in springfield, -- buildings in springfield, massachusetts. but demolitions are likely t ripped part a strip club. 18 people were injured but no one died. officials had evacuated the order after a report of a gas leak. >>> police and people clashed in egypt in cairo. with the parliament gone, the new leader can create pass and oversee new laws. >> reporter: protesters in egypt set fire to one headquarters of the muslim brotherhood and threw rocks at a another. hundreds gathered in cairo's square after nightfall. there were thousands more earlier in the day. and confrontation with riot police. the officers fired tear gas at the group injuring a few of the protesters. the violence was triggered after egypt's granted himself sweeping new powers, making him immune to oversight. a spokesperson said that theder clauges raised conce
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4